Acuswede Accuhorsemat Blanket Kit $467.51

Accuhorsemat is an innovative acupressure blanket designed for horses and an effective treatment method for relaxation and pain relief. With this blanket every owner, trainer or rider can help their horses muscles to become more supple and to recover more quickly. At the same time it helps your horse to comfortably and naturally relax.

Accuhorsemat is an acupressure mat covered with 11,000 spike rosettes perfectly positioned over the horses chest and haunches. The horses skin and nervous system are much more sensitive than those of humans, and when 11,000 spikes work on the horses acupressure points, a noticeable effect is achieved in a short time. The Accuhorsemat increases blood flow, relaxes muscles and releases beneficial endorphins, so your horse both relaxes and feels better.

The acupressure mats for the hindquarters and shoulders are affixed with velcro on the underside of the blanket. The velcro part for the shoulders are larger than the mats so you can place them where it will fit your horse the best.

The kit contains: Three Acupressure Mats; Blanket; Instructions for use; Warranty; Case.

It covers not just the back but also the neck and bottom and its much more intense than the other acupressure mats Ive used Exselle Elite Plain Raised Padded Bridle With Extra Brow. Than the other acupressure mats Ive used.

Acuswedemat is fantastic! Now you can buy only the Accuhorsemat hind quarter mat for only in our webshop Boiselle Calendar Driving Culture 2017. Accuhorsemat gives your horse the best conditions for recovery and is a fantastic tool to increase the.

Maybe you would like to learn more about one of these? Use it daily on your horse and put a blanket over it for a little more.

A Swedish innovation based on millennia of experience After huge sales success of acupressure mats in Sweden sold to 10 of the Swedish population.

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For acuswede accuhorsemat blanket kit. The Accuhorsemat includes a blanket and three acupressure mats with over 11 000 acupressure rosettes. Promotional Results For You.

The Accuhorsemat acupressure blanket increases blood flow relaxes muscles and releases beneficial endorphins your horse both relaxes and feels better. Turn on search history to start remembering your searches. The new and improved lightweight version of the Accuhorsemat acupressure horse blanket with everything you need for equine acupressure. Acuswede provides acupressure products including the Accuhorsemat an acupressure blanket for horses Kelly Herd Silver Horseshoe Ring Ladies Blue. Accuhorsemat Cooler Kit.

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